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TitaniumGL 3D drivers (linux version)

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  • Geri
    started a topic TitaniumGL 3D drivers (linux version)

    TitaniumGL 3D drivers (linux version)

    ohai Phoronix users again,
    i now deliver another software of me:

    Linux version of TitaniumGL is now finally released!

    TitaniumGL is a FREEWARE driver architecture. Project's goal is to support OpenGL on graphics cards with broken/bad or missing OpenGL drivers.
    ( WARNING: The author does not possess an OpenGL license from SGI, and makes no claim that TitaniumGL is in any way a compatible replacement for OpenGL or associated with SGI. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. )

    TitaniumGL driver meant for computers where no opengl drivers available for the system. Its compatible with a several platforms, and now, since cthulhu does not coming out from the computer when using the linux version, i released it publically.

    Just like any other opengl implementation for linux, this is also a, that you should copy to your system directory (read the readme for more informations). No other actions required to install it.

    TitaniumGL renders the scene with all of your (well, up to 4 max) cpu cores in your computer. It can run almost ALL popular opensource game PLAYABLE (over 24 fps) with a core2duo cpu in enjoyable screen resolutions.

    Warning: TitaniumGL is NOT meant to run CAD applications, built-in legacy/useless gear renderer tools (!!!!!!!!), its ONLY meant to run REAL games! (however, maybee other kind of softwares also run. there is a compatibility list on the webpage available)

    Why it wasnt released earlyer?
    There was a lot of bugs and almost unfixable compatibility issues, becouse the linux graphics api and the x11's documentation is simply useless, and the quality of linux rendering infrastructures simply makes no sense. Also my code had a few bugs that only caused mess on the Linux platform. But now, they are not any more exist, so its a good time to release the software.

    -The software under linux is somewhat slower than the Windows version, due to linux kernel's thread handling.
    -In some systems/cases, for some strange reason, only one cpu core being used.
    -On some systems, rendering speed capped to VSYNC.
    -On some systems, rendering speed capped to 70, or 40 fps, or some strange speed like that

    i wish you all happy using.
    download & read more informations on the webpage and in the readme file.

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  • Geri
    TitaniumGL 2014, 01. released

    -Well a few days still left until 2014, whatever
    -Added mip-mapping support for the software renderer
    -5-25% generic performance gain
    -Fixed some ,,dotting'' bugs with the software renderer
    -Fixed some segmentation fault bugs (texture upload forgot to lock rendering...)
    -Fixed a memory-pool related crash on linux
    -32 bit binary now compiled again with i686 flag
    -Software renderer now supports up to 128 threads instead of 24

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  • Geri
    hi, thanks, i will check that game, becouse that crash should not happen on that place.

    reusing threads was alreday in plan, but for security reasons, not yet tryed how it perform.
    (also there is not so huge amout of threads executed, so it should not affect negatively the performance)

    also, what computer do you have? supertuxkart should be playable on a recent 4 core cpu (20 fps+)

    but it's probably not far from what a software renderer can do
    oh.. well... umm.. there is 10-40x faster rasterer algos exist than my algo

    in the last year somebody shown a raster algorithm that consumes only 4-10 clock per pixel (including texturing)

    if the really smart peoples would put they head together, to write a very fast software rasterizer, it would basically outperform on 4 cores every graphics card and igp's cheaper than 200 usd. however, when a very fast software renderer appears, nvidia and amd outbuys them immediately, and digs them very deeply (nobody would hear from them any more). for obvious reasons.
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  • ChrisXY
    Impressive that you're still working on that.

    Just so people know what they can expect:

    Minetest: SIGFPE, Arithmetic exception.
    #0  0x00007ffff767375e in HaromszogRenderel_szuperthread () from /home/foo/Downloads/TitaniumGL/64bit/
    #1  0x00007ffff767b3eb in haromszogekki_szuperthread () from /home/foo/Downloads/TitaniumGL/64bit/
    #2  0x00007ffff767b724 in haromszogek0ki_szuperthread () from /home/foo/Downloads/TitaniumGL/64bit/
    #3  0x00007ffff675cdd2 in start_thread () from /usr/lib/
    #4  0x00007ffff5604cdd in clone () from /usr/lib/
    But with intel and MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=1.4 minetest it runs.

    Performance is meh, but it's probably not far from what a software renderer can do, even when rendering rather inaccurate. Fonts are not accurate, sort of an interlacing effect. supertuxkart sort of renders mostly correctly ~1-2 fps, maniadrive renders pretty much incorrectly with heavy jumps between frames, ~1 fps.
    openarena on 640x480 has sort of playable fps. On a related note, openarena by default will start in fullscreen and disable your second monitor and exiting it will leave you with cloned screens instead of side by side like you had set up before. Guys, it's 2013. Get this right, please.

    By the way, when running minetest in gdb, there is a huge number of threads created and destroyed that scroll by. And by huge I mean huge. Maybe you can get more performance when reusing threads.

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  • Geri

    There is an update on the linux version:

    -64-bit version released.
    -fixed some stability issues
    -TitaniumGL software renderer now uses packet-based out-of-order rendering, wich allows to incrase the number of rendering threads
    -Software rendered version can now utilize up to 24 cores.
    -TitaniumGL now uses smaller memory stack
    -1.5x-2x speed-up in the software renderer when using 4 core computers
    -There is a modern and a legacy versions, compiled with different gcc-s. Legacy version is for old distributions.

    i hope this version will fix the crash problems on vesa driver too. at least it worked okay for me.
    get it while its hot:
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  • Geri
    Originally posted by Linuxhippy View Post
    This is realy interesting stuff - and extremly impressive considering it was written by a single developer.
    thankyou ^^

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  • Linuxhippy
    This is realy interesting stuff - and extremly impressive considering it was written by a single developer.

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  • cb88
    *cough* *cough* ... an english version of the code doesn't exist lol from what was said that would be a project. Perhaps I am wrong but kickstarter seems to be ok with such projects I didn't see anything in the guidlines I thintk it would be how you defined it though... pay to open souce titaniumGL vs Project to release titaniumGL source and translate it to english. Then it would have a defined beginning and end... the release of the source and completion of being translated to english.

    Oh well... you guys were practically devolving into a flame war so I figured I might suggest some possible solution and as you said other sites definitly do allow such projects. I mean for crying out loud get a life people! I was reading stuff on the kwin developer's blog about TDE and basically how he is pissed off at them for renaming kwin to twin (sensible thing to do really..) and how he is throwing a tantrum and refusing to tell timothy pearson where some of the code he has changed will supposedly lead to twin not starting up X.x.

    Oh well at least the guys working on mesa and X seem to generally have decent control over thier egos

    *carry on* ... this is phoronix after all king of page views

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  • marek
    Originally posted by allquixotic View Post
    Who ever proposed merging it with Mesa?
    Here and in the other thread some people think that the project is in any way useful to us, so I wanted to set things straight.

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  • madjr
    Originally posted by RealNC View Post
    Doesn't kickstarter disallow this? I think it's for stuff that doesn't exist yet (gaining funds in order to begin development). Not for stuff that already exists.
    well i think they could do what the The Debian Administrator's Handbook did.

    not sure if kickstarter allows it, but others do. i.e indiegogo, ulule, etc.

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