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X.Org Multi-Touch Nears Completion

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  • X.Org Multi-Touch Nears Completion

    Phoronix: X.Org Multi-Touch Nears Completion

    For X.Org Server 1.11, to be released likely in late summer of 2011, there will be proper multi-touch support. For quite a while now there's been work under-way largely by Daniel Stone and then more recently by Canonical. A few weeks back Daniel Stone returned to the multi-touch party to get X Input 2.1 with multi-touch support beaten into shape. It's now nearly ready...

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    cant somebody make them stop putting effort in x and make them write the non drawing stuff for wayland instead


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      Originally posted by 89c51 View Post
      cant somebody make them stop putting effort in x and make them write the non drawing stuff for wayland instead
      who? ?


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        Multitouch is nice but.
        XKB2 first please!

        The major difference here is obviously the event delivery: instead of delivering only to the first applicable target, we now deliver to allm grabbing clients, and the first selecting client. An 'owner' flag denotes whether or not the client currently owns the stream: grabbing clients may accept the touch (which ceases delivery to all other clients), or reject it (removing them from the delivery list and passing ownership on to the next client).
        The ceases delivery to all other clients is a very bad design decision. This also implies when there is a input event. The clients all poll the input. The input should generate an event to the clients.

        This text seems somewhat weird. It talks about delivery to all aplicable clients but then tells about when a client accepts the input. The other clients don't get it.

        Looks like somebody mixed up.


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          Originally posted by kayosiii View Post
          who? ?
          i have no idea

          at least from my part i made X developer voodoo dolls and everytime i see a commit i put a needle in them

          seriously even the people of X (at least some) agree that we must move forward (ie keith packard made a presentation about it) so i think its a step that must be made as quick as possible but i don't think anyone can force this

          afaik Kristian is the only person working on wayland (with some people fixing bugs and adding small features) and as i understand there is a lot to be made in order to complete the protocol and have something production ready

          in other words wayland needs more people

          (and then there are the drivers stuff)