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Canonical's X Gesture Extension Being Re-Evaluated

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    Originally posted by airlied View Post
    Most developers are hostile towards Canonical not doing *any* work upstream, good ideas or not.
    Well, they created Storm, Launchpad and Upstart, which are all useful projects. I'm sure there are a lot of other things they did..

    Originally posted by airlied View Post
    In this case they built something internally in private, did a blog spam from spaceboy about how cool it was, but when it came to asking upstream they got told what they would have been told if they'd asked before they'd implemented it and made it seem like it was a feature you couldn't live without. Its not a good idea to do this. Experience counts.
    I agree. Canonical should be more transparent. If they want to develop a whole new project: go on, develop it behind closed doors. However, if you hack someone else's project: go ask them first..