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Getting X.Org 7.5 Out The Door

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  • Getting X.Org 7.5 Out The Door

    Phoronix: Getting X.Org 7.5 Out The Door

    X Server 1.7 was released yesterday, but the X.Org 7.5 release containing this server package plus other updated X bits was not done at the same time. While it's less important having a new official X.Org release immediately since all of the critical packages can already be downloaded independently, the X.Org 7.5 release is expected soon and Sun's Alan Coopersmith began a thread entitled finishing the X11R7.5 katamari. There are a number of packages since the X.Org 7.4 release last year that have since been abandoned and/or are no longer maintained and then there are some other packages that haven't had new releases, which is needed for X Server 1.7 compatibility...