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KDE 4.11 Released With Its Early KWin Wayland Code

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    Originally posted by rvdboom View Post
    Is there anyone running KDE SC 4.11 with AMD boards, espcially running the open source drivers?
    Do you have kwin crash issues?
    I am, but not crashes.


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      Originally posted by jsa1983 View Post
      Maybe you could try with different OpenGL versions. In the system settings panel, under Desktop Appearance you can now tweak the way the desktop is composited. Maybe OpenGL 2.1 works better. You should also try Raster instead of native (If I remember correctly, native used to garbage some parts of certain windows such as Steam).

      I hope this helps!
      The issue is present with opengl1..2..and 3 profile.., I think that is a bug in catalyst.


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        Originally posted by makomk View Post
        After upgrading to 4.11, plasma-desktop is still segfaulting several times an hour for me. It looks like I'm suffering from an 8 month old bug that hasn't even been fully diagnosed despite being reported by a number of people. Supposedly, the new shiny Qt functionality used by the notifications applet is broken somewhere and no-one has been able to figure out where in eight months.
        Ouch, that does look like an annoying bug Luckily I don't seem to be affected by it on either of my laptops (both intel graphics).