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A Crazy Qt-Based 3D Wayland "Maze" Compositor

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  • A Crazy Qt-Based 3D Wayland "Maze" Compositor

    Phoronix: A Crazy Qt-Based 3D Wayland "Maze" Compositor

    For those interested in Wayland, Qt, and 3D, there's an interesting new Wayland compositor out in the wild. This compositor renders a 3D maze using Qt and brings in some Wolfenstein 3D elements while allowing Wayland surfaces to be rendered on the walls...

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    That is freaking awesome .


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      Freakin' awesome!
      Because of this 3D world of windows, it feels more spacious, you can see what's happening on more windows than on traditional representations.
      Sure, it doesn't mean that it is easier to work with them.
      Interesting concept.


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        OT: Progress of GPU BookSprint


        Are you already at Nuremberg?
        If so, any news about the progress of the GPU Book?
        The X.Org page has not yet been updated, ofc.
        Pretty please keep us updated on this.
        It's something I'm really looking forward to.
        Maybe you can join them for the scheduled beer session, later this afternoon.

        Edit: Im referring to


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          Originally posted by mybug View Post
          That is freaking awesome .
          Hey, that's what I wanted to say! Literally, I had the same words in mind


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            reminds me of the game Virus:


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              "...won't see much in the way of real-world use..."

              How long have you been a part of the Open-Source world? We're ALWAYS on the lookout for really cool ways to make our own lives harder.


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                Yup, Qt rox hard as usual :-).


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                  Originally posted by StephanG View Post
                  We're ALWAYS on the lookout for really cool ways to make our own lives harder.
                  Haha! I had that awful spinning cube desktop switcher animation in compiz for a week before I finally admitted to myself it was making my life worse...


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                    Best desktop environment ever created by mankind!

                    I never expected to see something like this in my lifetime :') My life is now complete. Thank you!