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X/Wayland Is Coming Along Nicely, But Work Is Left

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    Originally posted by asdx
    Don't get me wrong, I know things are currently being developed, but when are we going to be able to run things like KDE and Gnome on Wayland?
    I don't know about Gnome, but KDE won't be on wayland until Qt 5 is out, which is the first version of Qt that will have native Qt support. I think kwin developers were waiting to port to wayland until the API stabilized.


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      Originally posted by VictoireDuPeuple View Post
      Speaking of the Wayland clipboard, did they fix this X design flaw where you close a window and your clipboard is gone? This bug have been open for years and no one have been able to fix is simply because it's the way it works in Xorg.
      Wayland seems like the perfect opportunity to do such a thing, let's just hove they do.
      You do know that the same "design flaw" is part of most operating systems (including Windows), don't you?

      Of course Windows comes with some sort of a clipboard manager by default since a long time, but AFAIK that is only used if the application uses it explicitly (which for some use cases is a better solution, but of course it won't work if the application has no support for it).