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VkMark Makes It Easy To Run Small Vulkan Test Cases

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  • VkMark Makes It Easy To Run Small Vulkan Test Cases

    Phoronix: VkMark Makes It Easy To Run Small Vulkan Test Cases

    One of the Vulkan open-source projects I have been tracking the past few months has been VkMark and it's now at a stage where it's becoming sufficiently useful for some small Vulkan test-cases / micro-benchmarks...

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    At this point all the benchmarks run at like 10000 fps, so I'd say they mostly benchmark overhead so far.

    The last time I had the hybrid driver installed, radv scored much higher than amdgpu-pro vulkan, so that was awesome.
    Still, I believe in real world applications radv is often still slower than amdgpu-pro vulkan.

    RX 480, Ryzen 1600X

    WARNING: radv is not a conformant vulkan implementation, testing use only.
        vkmark 2017.07
        Vendor ID:      0x1002
        Device ID:      0x67DF
        Device Name:    AMD RADV POLARIS10
        Driver Version: 71311459
    [vertex] device-local=true: FPS: 13707 FrameTime: 0.073 ms
    [vertex] device-local=false: FPS: 9424 FrameTime: 0.106 ms
    [texture] anisotropy=0: FPS: 13450 FrameTime: 0.074 ms
    [texture] anisotropy=16: FPS: 13445 FrameTime: 0.074 ms
    [shading] shading=gouraud: FPS: 13119 FrameTime: 0.076 ms
    [shading] shading=blinn-phong-inf: FPS: 13149 FrameTime: 0.076 ms
    [shading] shading=phong: FPS: 13037 FrameTime: 0.077 ms
    [shading] shading=cel: FPS: 13065 FrameTime: 0.077 ms
    [effect2d] kernel=edge: FPS: 13903 FrameTime: 0.072 ms
    [effect2d] kernel=blur: FPS: 10633 FrameTime: 0.094 ms
    [desktop] <default>: FPS: 10840 FrameTime: 0.092 ms
    [cube] <default>: FPS: 14584 FrameTime: 0.069 ms
    [clear] <default>: FPS: 15117 FrameTime: 0.066 ms
                                       vkmark Score: 12882


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      Sasha Willems has been improving his Vulkan examples steadily over the years, and each of them is a small benchmark of its own with some minor stressful ones, too. It's now 55 programs and each samples a different use case as well as aspects of Vulkan.