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A new tool to monitor OpenGL support status

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  • A new tool to monitor OpenGL support status

    Hi there everyone!

    I've just started to write a tool to view opengl support status of a linux box. Its called GL-Status. Its licensed under GPL. Sourceforge project site follows:

    It uses:

    Qt for gui
    SDL for opengl context creation
    and of course OpenGL

    Its currently in a very early stage of development. At this moment feedbacks from the community are important for the future. So feel free to leave your comments either to this thread, or to [email protected], or if you have a sourceforge account you can review it. Also feel free to contribute bug fixes etc. Thanks.

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    My browser hangs up indefinitely and then crashes when trying to load your sourceforge page. (Go Chrome!)

    Can you explain what exactly this tool does? I'm not sure if it's something like iotop for GL, or a test suite like piglit, or an extension support viewer like glewinfo, or an application GL tool like gDEBugger, or something else entirely.


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      Can you explain what exactly this tool does?
      The main idea behind this project is to provide the users a user friendly interface to the opengl environment in their system. Its inspired by the works like gpucapsviewer. One of the objectives is to provide a testing suite that covers opengl extensions individually and in depth.


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        I've bumped the version to 0.0.8. Which introduces more txt files to make the project more understandable along with some fixes and minor feature additions. Interested people can find more info with this release.