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Rewriting The Radeon 3D Support In Mesa

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  • Rewriting The Radeon 3D Support In Mesa

    Phoronix: Rewriting The Radeon 3D Support In Mesa

    David Airlie as part of his work at Red Hat has been rewriting a fair chunk of the Radeon 3D driver support in Mesa. In the radeon-rewrite branch of Mesa, David has been adding support for bufmgr to all three of the Radeon 3D drivers (going back to the ATI R100/200 series) while working with our without a kernel memory manager...

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    This is simply sooo great! Thanks for this, everyone involved.


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      The only thing that still gets on my nerves is Radeon vs. RadeonHD. I didn't have some bugs with RadeonHD that I had with Radeon several times, but that is fixed now I think. I couldn't care less what driver I am running now... maybe the DDX driver has so much code outsourced that it isn't needed anymore at all in the future.