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Microsoft + Collabora Working To Map OpenGL/OpenCL Over DirectX 12

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    Originally posted by andrei_me View Post
    yeah, probably improve legacy support for a future deprecation of openGL in Windows
    I think there is more chance that M$ will deprecate this wrapper effort, then forbid GPU vendors supply OpenGL drivers. M$ != Apple, which stuck at OpenGL 4.1 on macOS and is deprecated in flavor of Metal since 2018 major release of macOS, 10.14 (Mojave). And there is mostly no third-party GPU drivers in Apple world, because they ship a complete OS that supports almost all previous Macs. As a reminder they were really serious on deprecating 32-bit apps, so since 10.15 (Catalina):
    Originally posted by Apple
    Apps that execute i386 code now fail with the EBADARCH error code.
    They even dropped iPhoto, which is still downloadable from AppStore, but unusable on 10.15+ because it's not ported to x86_64. Instead, M$ ships a lot of legacy code. Their multi-arch implementation, SysWOW64 is a copy of almost all system libs built for x86_32.


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      Originally posted by CochainComplex View Post

      Thats the point. The working power is deducted from Zink to this dead end ..lets call it proprietary opensource .....propensource Project.