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Until Re-Clocking Is Figured Out, Nouveau Remains Very Slow Against NVIDIA

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    Originally posted by Michael View Post
    FTA: "For those that then suggest to run tests of the NVIDIA binary blob with the graphics cards intentionally under-clocked, that is rather silly too, given that no one would intentionally do this in practice and that when the GPU core and video memory frequencies are severely restricted we're not seeing the driver's full optimization abilities in full."
    As previously stated, we're intereseted in the "what-if" scenario. What is the overhead of nouveau compared to the properiety, which would be answered by clocking the properiety driver down? If the nouveau driver performance scaled linearly with clock rate, what performance could we expect?

    Just imagine all the website traffic you would generate by doing this... there is a LOT of interest in seeing a clock-for-clock comparison between the two drivers.


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      Originally posted by Serafean View Post
      No, no one would do that intentionally in practice. But you're missing the point of why we ask : the interesting information not present in your benchmarks is how well does the 3D driver work. And only the 3D driver, not other hw features (no one is asking for vdpau performance comparisons, and you're not doing them )
      The information from this would be "once recklocking works, we can expect about 60% of the blob's performance".
      I'm not telling you what to do, nor to do it often, just that it's somethin I (and apparently some others) would find interesting.
      And I maintain that not testing against an under-clocked blob is as silly as testing against and underclocked nouveau.



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        Michael better do benchmark llvmpipe vs nouveau . Actually i am serious here because i don't have nvidia hardware, so who is faster from those two? I guess nouveau, but how much is that faster then llvmpipe i don't know .

        Ah sorry, found something like that, so AMD FX-8350 llvmpipe in some cases is like nouveau full underclocked GT 520 .
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          Clock for clock speed comparison on Phoronix:

          Article from november 2012.


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            Personal benchmark on the way

            I've had enough with AMD and Catalyst, and I am currently waiting for my new NVIDIA GTX 770.

            I plan on running a few benchmarks when I get it, and would gladly do a clock-for-clock comparison.
            At my disposal, I have a 9800GTX and (in the next couple of days) a GTX 770.
            The test will be done from a Fedora 20, with Intel i5 3570K, 8GB RAM and the latest updates.

            I will be stuck looking at running benchmarks, so I might as well take a few requests regarding OS, software versions, i5 overclock(currently at 4.2) etc.
            I don't plan on installing Ubuntu for the benchmark, but if there is enough interest, I might install it on an old HDD I have lying around.

            Please let me know what you would like to see, given my limited hardware. The benchmarks will be done after the 30th, due to exams.


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              I might also be able to borrow a friend's GTX 760.