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NVIDIA Contributes Much Less To The Linux Kernel Than Intel Or AMD

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  • NVIDIA Contributes Much Less To The Linux Kernel Than Intel Or AMD

    Phoronix: NVIDIA Contributes Much Less To The Linux Kernel Than Intel Or AMD

    Yesterday I put together some statistics on the AMD vs. Intel contributions to the upstream Linux kernel during the 2010s, but a request coming in off that was how do NVIDIA's contributions compare. Here is a look at the NVIDIA contributions to the Linux kernel over the past decade...

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    Misses a statistic on how many commits made the kernel slower for whole architectures.


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      Someone has to lol. What's up with this article? If Nvidia's not last then AMD or Intel would be.

      Someone make funny.


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        Shocking they contribute crap to the general linux ecosystem.

        Nvidia linux support has almost been a pet project for 15 years, and probably done by a very few that really care about linux. The rest is nvidia selling their ML/AI solutions via CL support through linux that they even care these days, and probably only because ever real virtualization engine out there being linux-based. Probably some of the dudes that support graphics game under linux and care to fix things, but their support has always been mediocre, and only via their binary drivers as a take it or leave it.


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          It is good to point it out, especially as it seems that the majority of GUI issues that many users experience (and especially DE bugginess) seem to be Nvidia related.


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            I remember when Linus gave a very insightful critique on NVIDIA. With the way things are going, I think Linus' insight will be applicable for generations to come.


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              Nvidia was and is the single worst company ever. This statistic shows their hostility very clear. I would not invest one dime into their proprietary crap.


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                Michael Care to explain in more detail what you measured? Both Intel and AMD are also in the CPU business, so they will make contributions in that area as well. Nvidia, obviously has little to contribute to that. They do have their SoCs, but no laptop, desktop or server CPUs to speak of.


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                  I bet it is just some kind of bumping of changlogs.

                  more or less:

                  - supports now driver 440.
                  - supports driver 418
                  - supports driver 4xx...


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                    It's OK, nvidia doesn't have to contribute if they don't wan to or have no interest (except if they're pressured by their clients e.g. what happened with Tegra).
                    We should look at this matter from other perspective, Enduser contributions vs Big companies. When you think about it you experience mixed feelings, and end up in NetBSD land.