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8-10 AGP fixed for X1xxx users?

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  • 8-10 AGP fixed for X1xxx users?

    The 8-10 release notes mention an AGP + X1xxx fix.

    I've got my X1600 back for a while, so I put it in and it's almost fixed for me, so anyone that couldn't use their AGP cards should try 8-10.

    Previously mine would only work with aperture set to 512 in bios, and other posters on here who couldn't set that high couldn't use fglrx at all.

    Now it works for me at 64/128/512 though 256 is still broken.

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    If that's so, I should try to assemble one cheap computer and stick my old ATi Radeon x800 and see how that goes one of these days. After switching to nV, I've never had headaches with the drivers.

    It's good that AMD finally addressed what ATi broke.