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UVD Is Enabled For Linux In Catalyst 8.10

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  • UVD Is Enabled For Linux In Catalyst 8.10

    Phoronix: UVD Is Enabled For Linux In Catalyst 8.10

    With Canonical publishing the ATI Catalyst 8.10 driver even before it's been announced by AMD or appearing on their driver download page, we've taken this opportunity for an early look at this next Linux driver. In early September we confirmed XvMC and UVD are coming to ATI's Linux driver and that it would be enabled in the October driver...

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    im really impressed!
    ati really is pushing their drivers and i hope they will work on making it very stable until the next generation gpus come with new features.
    there should be enough time for that.
    better opengl support + dri2 and im satisfied!

    ah wait! .. i want on the fly gpu switching, too!
    but thats something the xserver developers have to work on


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      After we get DRI2 as well as the other features in the pipeline such as Multi-pointer X... are there any other features that could possibly improve the graphics experience on linux?

      I know we need more and better open source drivers, but as far as graphics features, we might have to start looking into virtual reality or holographic interfaces, because I am at a loss to think of new features.

      We just need to keep supporting new cards, new standards, fix bugs, and improve efficiency, right? Is that depressing or what?


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        I agree that this is impressive, however i wonder what all video cards will work with this change, after all, i have a radeon X1900GT in one system and the other uses an onboard radeon hd3100, so i wonder which will get the XvMC acceleration with this upcoming driver release... i hope both do, although i am more concerned about the older card personally.


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          Rotation is now accelerated for me. No more lagging in Firefox, slideshows, opening windows, etc.


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            I'm curious what the media player requirements will be to work with UVD and how the output will work... maybe any app will be able to pipe in a high def stream and card itself will do the entire decode and render and screen output internally, independent of the player in use and its settings? Or will it only work with specific applications?