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AMD Radeon RX 480 On Linux

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  • AMD Radeon RX 480 On Linux

    Phoronix: AMD Radeon RX 480 On Linux

    After weeks of anticipation, AMD's high-end Radeon RX 480 "Polaris" graphics card is officially launching today! This graphics card starts at just $199 USD (or $239 USD for the 8GB version) and has day-one Linux support! There's available open-source driver support as well as an AMDGPU-PRO update that's expected today for those wanting to make use of this newer hybrid Linux driver stack. I've been testing the Radeon RX 480 under Linux the past week under both driver stacks and have my initial results to share this morning.

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    Looks like I'll be picking one up then.


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      I did a live cd with polaris support(kernel, firmware, mesa\llvm git), I hope it is useful for someone.


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        Excellent, thanks for the review!

        EDIT: just bought the Sapphire Radeon RX 480. Looks like a great investment and I'm glad to show my support for AMD's friendliness towards open-source. (also see , very cool!)
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          Thank you for the test Michael! Do you have any opinion on the sound level the card produces? Is it loud?


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            WOW, I'm impressed how well the AMDGPU-open performs in comparison AMDGPU-pro and even NVIDIA proprietary.
            I'm definitely considering to buy one of RX480 or RX470 in the near future!

            Thank you AMD and to all the developers involved !


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              Open source now parity with the pro stack on all the cards !!!

              And that RX 480 is certainly impressive.


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                Originally posted by Mr. Octus View Post
                Thank you for the test Michael! Do you have any opinion on the sound level the card produces? Is it loud?
                Nothing abnormal, pretty quiet, like just in line with other modern cards.
                Michael Larabel


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                  Would like to see vdpauinfo for both possible drivers. Basically that card is not too expensive, maybe a good choice for oss only gamers. I would not switch from a slightly slower Nvidia card for Linux gaming as several games are still faster with Nvidia. The GTX 1060/50 might be a good alternative or some used GTX 9xx cards.


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                    Thanks for the great reproducible testing Michael. Very impressive card from AMD on the performance vs. cost curve.

                    Also, thanks to bridgman et al for encouraging AMD PR to supply you a testing card. At the time the embargo lifted, Phoronix was the only review site I'd bother reading for its focus on Linux, the day one open source support, and that the testing is transparent and reproducible.