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MythTV problem with 8.6 and 8.7

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  • MythTV problem with 8.6 and 8.7

    This issue has been seen in some other threads, but I'll make new thread for it to make sure we see how common the issue is.

    My MythTV shows some kind of garbage on the screen when it is started with default geometry (full screen and windowed), but when I alter the geometry to anything else (like 1920x1081) it works fine.

    MythTV renders menus using QT and I have no idea what it uses when it plays TV. If I change MythTV rendering to OpenGL then I can view main menu with default resolution, but TV is not working and some submenus are not working either (settings menus).

    When MythTV looks garbage it makes other desktops garbage too.

    MPlayer works fine on full screen (using xv).

    Does anyone have any other fixes than using custom geometry settings?

    And how many of you have this same problem?

    I have Mythbuntu 8.04 and ATI HD 3200.

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    Yeah, I have the same problem you have. I'm on Gentoo with an AMD 780G chipset(ATI Radeon HD 3200).

    Right now, I'm just using version 8.493, to prevent the garbage, but I have some terrible tearing issues I'd like to get rid of (as most people here, I guess).


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      I have the same experience. Debian Testing/Unstable. Myth from Debian-multimedia. ATI 4870.

      Using OpenGL, I have found that the menus and TV work, they just don't get rendered. Selecting TV, I can hear the audio and change channels but it stays on the front menu screen.

      With certain menu options, I can access them, back out of them but they don't render.

      This behaviour is common about 95% of the time.