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    > display flickering when gnome-screen-saver starts

    Nobody should underestimate the impact of that fix alone. Non tech users will more then likely view the previous behaviour as signs of the screen failing and taking it to the repair shop. Apparently many other REAL fixes in this rel also. Definitly a good one


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      Two problems..

      -Hibernate still doesn't work on my T60p Gutsy.
      -More of a question, I hope. I can't figure out how to sync to vblank on xv with mplayer. Diagonal tearing is certainly not there, but more typical tearing still happens with xv.


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        So far so good. I am getting around 2200 fps on the following and AIGLX:
        Dell e1705 Laptop
        ATI x1400 128 MB (PCIe)
        1GB RAM
        opensuse 10.3

        I still get some flickering in video under MPlayer, and xine crashed right out last time I tried it (But that could have been me). Initially I was only getting about 600fps, but i did the Xv overlay thing with aticonfig and that seemed to solve it.

        Much better driver and almost as usable as the 8.40.x driver i have been using.


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          Woooow! After looong, so long waiting, gamma sliders in games work as expected. I'm just curious what "so hard to fix" that was? I don't remember if it ever works - at least from time when doom3 was released.

          This relase fully satisfy my expectations - bug #1003 has gone (already in 8.02) and no scrambled opengl as in previous release. At now no problems aren't noticed by me on my X800PRO.


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            While it may be a slow time right now for new features, as we shared last month we have reason to believe AMD does have some Linux work under development that could make 2007 look boring compared to this year.
            What might that be? Feed the fire.


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              this driver has finally made compiz usable for me with AIGLX..
              TexturedVideo also works fine, but with compiz enabled it is still blocky and I have to switch to X11 output to get decent video playback (but no deinterlacing here so the video looks bad)


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                Originally posted by suacy View Post
                Do the "image brightness and gamma correction issues" mean that changing the brightness in ID software engine games works now?
                It works now! Great news.


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                  Originally posted by SledgeHammer_999 View Post
                  I was able to install BUT:


                  VIDEO PLAYBACK IS F__KED UP:
                  the first time after reboot I tried to play the video file but the machine started "restart sequence". After that "restart" whenever I try to play something the app just dies/vanishes. This happens to Totem(gstreamer) and mplayer(xv). Opengl playback in mplayer works(haven't tried on totem). Come on how the hell did you fix Xv when I can't play anything??

                  EDIT: does anyone have any success with gutsy?(amd64)
                  Bump. I faced exactly the same issue as SledgeHammer_999. I have 2 Gutsy installed on my machine. 1 is i386, the other amd64. In my i386 system, I did encounter the libGL missing problem, but a simple link solved all the problem and things looked good except some crash during video playback with compiz.

                  On the amd64 side, I got no luck. There was no to be linked to. I could only make it by --force-overwrite option. As a result, mplayer with xv no longer worked. Only X11 worked. How can we solve this?


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                    Good release. Xv works pretty well now, close to as good as the opengl overlay for me now, and of course, much much less CPU usage.

                    Really easy to install properly now, too.
                    Since I installed last time from the --buildpkg Ubuntu/gutsy debs, this time I did the same thing and the new debs just went right over the old ones.

                    So yeah, good driver. Things seem to be stabilizing somewhat and also functioning, so yay!


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                      is anyone getting TexturedVideo to work with compiz without blocky/choppy video output on any player (I have tried with MPlayer, VLC, xine and totem). Only X11 makes video smooth with compiz. Without compiz Xv works like a charm.