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    I actually thought about Phorums before but it turns out that there is already a domain called Phorums that is something into like fashion or TV.
    Michael Larabel


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      Paroxysm, which xorg version, and driver version do you use?
      ok this maybe a silly question to you guys but how do I check which xorg version I have?


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        X - version (from a terminal)
        Michael Larabel


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          X1950 Pro 510 AGP on a Via chipset board pumpin' an amd 64 4400+ (opteron really, but don't matter much I think).

          I was told they would try to get me into the beta list aswell, having had loads of PCI-e -> AGP card problems.

          Luckly since 7.11 I think it was? I got 3D working so i'm quite happy atm.


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            I've just tried 8.2 drivers and the problem remains... black screen requiring hard restart. damn.
            Have to wait again I guess


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              did you turn off compose ( I think that is what its called) in xorg.conf file? I had a white screen when I added drivers and I only had to turn off that and when I rebooted everything was back to normal ( except for the 3d but I had no problems doing other stuff


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                Originally posted by Michael View Post
                I actually thought about Phorums before but it turns out that there is already a domain called Phorums that is something into like fashion or TV.
                How about phorumix?


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                  Here's my config:

                  SAPPHIRE ATI 9600XT 128MB AGP (8x)
                  CRT 19" monitor: Philips 109B (109B10) with a resolution of 1600x1200 or 1280x1024
                  Motherboard: ASUS K8V SE Deluxe/ VIA K8T800 & VIA VT8237
                  Processor type: AMD64 3000+
                  Amount of memory: 1GB
                  Distro used: Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon (32-bit)
                  Kernel version: 2.6.22-14(.52)
                  xorg-version: 7.2-5ubuntu13
                  fglrx: 8.37.6, the only driver that works with wine (0.9.40) + LEGO Star Wars II on my system. Note: The 8.02 release does not work with wine + LEGO Star Wars II in case anybody is interested. BTW, I tested this with wine versions 0.9.40 thru 0.9.55.


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                    I dunno if all the hassle is actually of any worth for me, as i'm about to get a new comp with a 8800GT in it but well i think it might help the others...

                    I own a Sapphire X1600pro with 512MB vram. other specs:

                    Gentoo ~amd64
                    AMD64 3000+
                    1.5 Gig of Ram
                    Nforce3 Chipset

                    I tried every X-Server, Kernel and ATI-driver combination since the release of 8.433 (i think it was officially called 7.11 or something) and well some were working (kinda) but most don't

                    the problems i experienced ranged from suddenly missing XV-extension (VERY annoying), to X-Server refusing to start... And no i don't have the Logs any more when X refused to startup Anyway I hope (for the sake of competition) that some time in the future ATI will finally manage to close the gap to nvidia both performance- and support-wise. It's gotten better over the last few months but it's still far away from being acceptable not to speak of being good. As it got better i do have hope that sometime in the future they will definitely be able to do that but as it is at the moment i'm not going to buy a ati-card any more...


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                      Hey guys, I sent a private message to bridgman, asking him if there is any possibility of ATI creating a database of users using their proprietary driver who have problems, to help find the problem with the driver.

                      First I thought of creating a form in some site, and ask users in this thread to fill the form so we create a database which might help us track the problem. I'm not sure but I guess the problem may not be related to the driver only, but a combination of xorg, libraries and kernel version, because Pseus has 2 systems working with driver catalyst 7.11 and 8.1.

                      I'm awaiting an answer from John. If ATI don't help us out I'll create a form somewhere to collect this info. I hope ATI sensibilizes for our cause. Would be better for everyone if this info would go directly to them I think.
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