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X1600 Pro AGP Rialto , Xorg 1.4 freeze , kernel 2.6.23

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  • X1600 Pro AGP Rialto , Xorg 1.4 freeze , kernel 2.6.23

    Hey guys!

    I got a X1600 Pro AGP from a friend. Under Windows it`s much faster than my old 9600xt. But with Linux it doesn`t seem to work at all.

    I use Gentoo x86 (testing) , Xorg 7.3 (xorg server 1.4) , fglrx 7.12 and 8.01 , kernel 2.6.23

    I tried a lot (an i mean A LOT!) xorg.conf options. Disabled framebuffer in kernel, compiled agp stuff as modules , etc.... but nothing worked!

    When I simply type startx the screen gets black and even ctrl+alt+del doesn`t work, so i have to reset using the reset button.

    My question now is: has ANYONE a X1600 Pro AGP running on his system, using fglrx ? ... i`m sure someone has.
    Maybe my only fault is the combination of driver , xorg and kernel ?

    So c`mon people and tell me which configuration you are running with your f****** damn rialto shit card!

    thanks a lot

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    You should possibly follow this thread:

    The symptoms you describe are the same as fred's, as are mine with an AGP HD2600XT card :-(


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      i should follow mz own thread ?
      but isn't there a possibility to run with maybe kernel 2.6.20 and fglrx 8.35 or sth. old like this ?


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        sorry, meant this one:
        Technical support and discussion of the open-source AMD Radeon graphics drivers.