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Catalyst 14.201.1008

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  • Catalyst 14.201.1008

    No idea what it is exactly, but it has a higher version number than the recently released 14.7 RC3.

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    Additional details:
    md5sum: 459505c340bb607d4967d0f618861c8a (take with grain of salt; I could have a bad download for some reason)
    Installer script name:


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      - Builds on Trusty
      - dkms fails on 3.16.1 as-is
      - Mod for kernel >=3.14.0 works and allows for install on 3.16.1

      - Maximizing Chrome still causes it to shift to the right a bit

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        Well, it's also on , which is linked from computerbase.
        Traditionally, there was just one catalyst driver for both, discrete GPUs and APUs, right? And it's a little strange that computerbase managed to link to their download page even before AMD did so.

        Oh well, as long as the AMD Mesa developers keep working and communicating the way they do, the catalyst department can do all kinds of strange and obscure things if they feel like doing so, I don't even care. :-)


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          Doesn't look very promising considering it doesn't even mention Ubuntu 14.04 or RHEL 7.


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            I couldn't download it from the provided link but if i clicked the changelog link then i could download it from amd.
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              Why it says APU instead of GPU, it is for graphics built in to CPU or something ?