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Overlays and video capture using zoomvideo/vip port

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  • Overlays and video capture using zoomvideo/vip port


    Although if you ask AMD they will tell you that the digital input port function isn't there anymore, in fact it is still in there. You only have to look at the .rai files.

    However, getting it to work in the post rv500 series parts is proving be a challenge. This is because the registers were all remapped, overlays were completely revised, and some registers have gone missing from the .rai.

    My questions:

    a) has anyone successfully gotten the digital input port to completely work on an rv600 or rv700 series chip? I have it partially working on an rv730

    b) has anyone successfully programmed the overlays? I haven't found any evidence that this has been done in the or other formal releases.

    c) does anyone know what happened to FCP_CNTL register?