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problem with video playback in catalyst

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  • problem with video playback in catalyst

    ok i know the title sounds a little lame.. but this has prevented me from long to adopt Linux completely and makes me go back to Windows just for Multimedia... I am running Catalyst 12.6 in both Arch Linux and Ubuntu 12.04, and Catalyst 12.4 in Windows. I use VLC primarily to play videos but I have also got Mplayer with vaapi in both distros.. regardless of what quality of video I play, I get very loud fan churning in Linux, while in Windows even 1080p videos play very quietly...

    I have an HP G42 laptop with AMD 6370M graphics and Core i3 370M 2.4 gig processor with 6 GB ram...Is this a limitation of UVD implementation in fglrx?? I have also tried xbmc-xvba branch, there the videos play flawlessly with minimal CPU usage but again the issue persists...

    Is this the problem with AMD graphics based laptops only (or am i doing something terribly wrong with xorg config) or does the issue persists with Intel and Nvidia hardware too?

    thanks in advance for the much needed help

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    FIXED with Catalyst 12.11 and KDE 4.9.3

    Okay I am having much better performance now with videoplayback. I use Mplayer vaapi build now with Gnome Mplayer frontend (for some reason, SMplayer seems borked for me) . I get just 5% CPU usage while playing upto 720p and 10% on 1080p video playback. I should mention that I am using KDE coz I can suspend desktop effects, GNOME and Unity are crap in this regard as in you cant suspend the effects on the go to get the minimum CPU usage. On Gnome and Unity Xorg usage always spikes up whenever I play videos in either VLC or Mplayer (around 30 - 40%).

    The ingredients = KDE 4.9.3 + Catalyst 12.11 + Ubuntu 12.10 + Mplayer VAAPI build . Almost no fan noise at all