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AMD Linux Catalyst: Hardware Owners Screwed?

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  • AMD Vs. Nvidia

    I have just decided, after much thought, to buy an Nvidia card to replace my aging ATI 3870. It took me quite a while to decide this. I want to believe in, and use, Open Source graphics but they left me behind. Screw that! Nvidia may be Blob only but they never left me hanging! I truly hate to say what I just said. But, my mind is now made up. I am not even sure what I will do for Mid-Year 2013 system upgrade. I may just skip it entirely, after all my Q6600 is still chugging along pretty good. Once I get a graphics card that will have current drivers, I will be pretty much covered. Damn I hate saying this...


    • Packrat

      I always keep my old hardware, Just In Case Right now I am running Fedora 17. I can certainly dump it for Ubuntu, but then I would be stuck running Ubuntu again. I am also sure if that if i want to mess with things enough I could probably make the catalyst work again. I have been running Fedora since Version 13.

      Have a good one,
      P.S. The open souce drivers have recently seen a nice update, but the cards in question were the newer ones. It would seem Kernel 3.5 has some nice stuff in store. I am currently running the open drivers, but they do not do very good for Blender 3D, nor do they do all they great for the few FPS / 3D games I still occasionally play. Tired of fighting it
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      • It would possibly be a good idea to not burn to many bridges behind one in regard to the choice to use AMD or Nvidia as both hardware and software are currently changing fairly quickly, so you may just be "abandon a sinking ship" just before it turns into a "Schnellboot" (Note 1).

        Note 1: Schnellboot, literal translation "fast boat", its a german world war 2 torpedo boat widely regarded amongst people that know as one of the best high speed patrol boats ever made.


        • Good Point

          It will be a couple months before I make any hardware purchases. So, I have time to wait and watch. The more I think about it, who knows, maybe a brand new Radeon would be gtg afterall. Will see!