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The Most Comprehensive AMD Radeon Linux Graphics Comparison

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    Michael, the "coalesced" graphs starting at the bottom of page 25 aren't working correctly. They show 1 bar instead of 2, or at least that's what I think they should be showing.

    Also, it would be very helpful to readers if you created a table of contents page for articles this long - or maybe that is part of your war against adblock. I know most of the review sites i frequent use a dropdown list for page navigation, which let's them put a page title there for readers to skip to.

    Finally, there's this:
    There also isn't much more of a conclusion since the large number of readers using AdBlock ruin it for the rest of you, since is run single-handledly and funded entirely by advertisements and Phoronix Premium.
    Wait, what? How does people using AdBlock keep you from writing a conclusion? I guess this is just you ranting again...


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      Oh, and Michael

      How about this deal:

      you start doing some of the tests I've asked for, and I promise to turn adblock off for at least a little while.

      What are these tests I'm referring to? Doom3, ETQW, Unigine Sanctuary, and other games more stressful than Quake 3. I know you have to edit the driver defaults to get it working. I don't care.


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        Originally posted by mark_ View Post
        Dude... an article with 7 billion pages and (as always) no conclusion which states the most important observations after the last test.
        No table of contents and no conclusion = too long/didn't read/ABP still on. Oh, and someone give Marek an honorary membership (I think he's earned it).


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          It's not a comprehensive comparison if you don't have a conclusion. I'm sure these tests take a long long time to run on each card but it' pretty pointless wasting all that time if you don't follow through with decent analysis

          Since advertising and Phoronix Premium aren't paying you enough you might need to look into some form of Corporate sponsorship - that probably would mean cleaning up your language and fewer articles on beer though


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            I to wish he did conclusions. I know he wants people to flick over every page for maximum ad rev but its clearly not realistic especially in with tests as in depth as this. Not having a conclusion dramatically reduces my interest in the article and left me randomly clicking pages. I hope he reconsiders this policy of his.

            P.S. Thanks for pointing out ad block Michael. Its great... I don't know how I've been coping without it :P


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              Ah, so we AdBlock users are guilty for a reduction in quality on your articles ? Well, frankly I don't care too much, but do you honestly think reducing quality (by missing conclusions etc) will make people switch off AdBlock ? I don't. It will make them go away. And you'll get less people who see that tips-via-paypal link on the last page.
              The quality of the articles / news on phoronix is steadily decreasing in my opinion. It is at a point where I really wonder why I come here, and I do so for years now. Up the quality and I'd consider tipping. This stuff doesn't deserve a tip from me.

              Btw, I don't even want the whole article in one page ... I really can't imagine anyone liking that scrolling fiasco it must be.


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                Seriously, everytime Michael complains about AdBlock it makes me want to keep it on

                that much more.

                I'd probably sooner buy the subscription, and given all the problems the site has that are never addressed I'm not real likely to go that route either.


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                  Originally posted by smitty3268 View Post
                  I'd probably sooner buy the subscription
                  It will be useless, better to donate something because you will keep seeing the ads even with the subscription and you will have to keep ABP on

                  (The fix is pending since 2008 )
                  ## VGA ##
                  AMD: X1950XTX, HD3870, HD5870
                  Intel: GMA45, HD3000 (Core i5 2500K)


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                    Originally posted by darkbasic View Post
                    It will be useless, better to donate something because you will keep seeing the ads even with the subscription and you will have to keep ABP on

                    (The fix is pending since 2008 )
                    I dont see any ads with the Premium subscription... :/ Since early 2011


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                      38 pages? Screw that...