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ATI's 2D Performance With X.Org Server 1.9

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  • ATI's 2D Performance With X.Org Server 1.9

    Phoronix: ATI's 2D Performance With X.Org Server 1.9

    With the imminent release of X.Org Server 1.9, last week we delivered benchmarks of Intel's 2D driver performance with X.Org Server 1.9. In those tests we found Intel's UXA (UMA Acceleration Architecture) performance only changed a bit -- for either better or worse -- with the updated X Server, but today we are looking at the 2D EXA performance using ATI Radeon hardware using this soon-to-be-released X Server.

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    I wonder if there's a difference in performance of 3D between xserver 1.8.x and 1.9.


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      regress... : <


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        shit, all I see is the mediocre 85% drop in simple blit and some slight improvement in other operations.

        The most common blit operation will be 1/4 the old performance, very nice


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          I thought there was signficant improvement with the open source drivers. Each time I bring up these concerns and the complaints that inevitably pop up here, I'm told there's nothing wrong.

          I might have to use a R300 card, a X300SE, in my desktop for the time being. So, will I have issues with it? I haven't had it in a desktop for quite some time now. I gave my Nvidia card to a family member since their old PIII bit the dust (keeps shutting down). I'm building another desktop and I already have a mobo that needs a video card.

          I guess I'll find out soon.


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            Unless this is already a known problem, and if JXRenderMark actually means something in the real world - this would be an excellent opportunity for some bisecting...


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              I have the same laptop discussed in the article. Has anyone gotten gallium to work on it? So far I can only get classic to run. When I try r300g my Xorg seg faults. I will provide any data necessary. Please direct me to any ongoing discussion or page links. I have the system set up, as far as I can tell. I am not new to linux, but new to debugging.
              thinkpad t60
              sys-kernel/gentoo-sources-2.6.35-r7 - kernel
              x11 overlay
              >=media-libs/mesa-9999 - git source
              >=x11-libs/libdrm-9999 - git source
              >=x11-drivers/xf86-video-ati-9999 - git source


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                Scary benchmark results I just tried JXRenderMark with my Evergreen and the results look a lot better. Also these results look fishy to me:

                I get about 4000 Ops/s with my Evergreen in low power mode.