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XvMC in Catalyst 10.3

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  • XvMC in Catalyst 10.3

    Catalyst 10.3 reports the XvMC extension to be present for my Radeon HD3200 GPU. Can I actually use it to decode MPEG2 or MPEG4 content? I tried by enabling xvmc decoder and output in MythTV but did not observe a notable decrease in CPU usage.

    I failed to find relevant information on this in using the forum search, but I may have overlooked some bits.

    And BTW, I do *not* want to use mplayer and any va-api tricks since I'm quite comfortable with MythTV's internal player (OSD, markers, overall integration).


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    I only know of mplayer and vlc (git) with vaapi support. xvmc should not really matter today as it only decodes mpeg2 and you will not see a diff when your cpu is not the slowest available. basically only for 1080p with bluray bitrates hw accelleration is a must have.


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      Hi Kano,

      well actually the MythTV recordings using my Hauppauge DVB-T card (ie. SD content) are MPEG2, so I thought XvMC should let CPU usage drop to zero. Instead I saw no change at all, and wondered.

      It really would be nice if the MythTV developers would pick up va api support, but I guess everybodys just hyped up on vdpau these days...