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  • KMS HDMI-Audio

    Recently got KMS working on 780G (HD3200 integrated).

    Then I wanted to watch a dvd but my only sound option is output to the TV over hdmi. This works well with radeonhd.

    But, radeonhd under KMS causes HARD lock.

    So any idea when or if audio over hdmi for kms will work? I'd be willing to test something for you and give feedback. Until then I'll fall back to non-kms and radeonhd or use fglrx.

    Good luck.

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    As a matter of fact I've been wondering about radeon hdmi support as well, and as of last light, I managed to get it working through my laptop (RV630).

    What I ended up doing is tracking down this Phoronix article which mentions that HDMI audio is being worked and provides a link at the bottom of the page to the relevant dri mailing list post that contains a few patches. These patches are somewhat old however (sometime in September I believe) and are meant to be applied to an older kernel version without any modifications. I ended up going through the patches and manually editting a few lines of code to get it to compile with the current kernel source. I then tested it out on my HDTV and everything seemed work fine aside from a few drm debug messages clogging up my dmesg every couple of seconds.

    If you're interested, I could possibly upload my locally modified git tree to github or something like that.


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      There are patches on the mailing list to enable this. I have improved patches pending as well, but they are currently in IP review.