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Request for pre-release drivers

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  • Request for pre-release drivers

    I feel kind of pathetic needing to beg for "leaked" drivers, but in reality all I want is to make my (Fedora) machine work (save the amount of time I need to dual boot into XP to do work).

    I'm looking for either a generic installer or a .rpm

    If anyone would be kind enough to share, either post a link here (for everyone) or email it to me at [email protected]

    Thanks a lot,

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    Originally posted by Qaridarium
    "Fedora" is hopeless no one can help you....
    No one without the 9.8 pre-release that is..

    Fedora is the testing platform for the redhut enterprice linux...
    Just in the small chance you're not trolling and don't actually know -- it's not, not even close.

    ubuntu 9.10 isn't supportet to... kernel 2.6.31 is not supportet xserver 1.7 is not supportet...
    Hence why I need the pre-release

    soo realy Fedora testing platform is to new...
    If a 4 month kernel is too new for fglrx, then yeah, I guess it is.