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AMD Releases Catalyst 9.6 For Linux

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    Originally posted by grege View Post
    This will give 2d only - there is no 3d support for newer cards yet.
    True, we should all keep this under the pillow:


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      See posts 319 and 321 at The AMD/ATI Catalyst Bar & Grill.


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        Does this fix still work for with kernel-2.6.30 final?

        This is the same patch, correct? because the one in the above link doesn't work.
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          Over here, we're using:


          Originally posted by [email protected]
          It seems this patch will make fglrx work with kernel 2.6.30, but it first needs a one-line patch to the kernel.

          ...and a translator.
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            The trolls are out in force, I see. Does this happen EVERY month?


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              I like all my ati cards and they work good.
              I will keep buying an ATI cards.
              If you run an development version of an dist then things will not work as they should, so if you chose to run unstable then it will be unstable on non working.

              And btw the only card i have thats not working is an nvidia quadro nvs 135, that doesn't work with kde4 and that bugs me alot.


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                Did I told you my own history ? I was used to have ATi cards, deal with crappy driver, running an archived kernel...
                One day I was really fed up of apll that shit and I bought two nVidia cards for my computers.
                The only computers that still haves ATi are my two laptops running radeon/radeonhd.

                My life has been really improved

                If you don't care about, 3D use the free drivers. If you do, sell this shit and buy an nVidia card.

                Don't rely on ATi, they are too stupid to release a working driver (I still can't believe we're still stuck on the same issues than 2 or 3 three years AGO !)


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                  Originally posted by Darkfire Fox View Post
                  The trolls are out in force, I see. Does this happen EVERY month?
                  Every... single... month.


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                    Another month, another useless AMD update. No support for a 3 months old kernel.... Why am I not surprised?


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                      Another Catalyst update, another hoard of users bitching about AMD.

                      It gets tiring, really. Yes, everyone agrees that Nvidia's binary blob is better, but people should consider the following (and I believe this has been stressed here on the forums a couple of times already):
                      • Catalyst is _mostly_ developed for the enterprise class of AMD users, which is, I believe, still AMD's main (and more or less only) source of income on Linux. Whether one or even 10,000 users say they'd "pay with their wallets" doesn't matter the least bit, since the Linux market is still very small and I don't think AMD or Nvidia cares a rat's ass, really, whether Linux users buy their cards or not.
                      • Nonetheless, although they have no monetary incentive (so far as I can tell) to open up their specs, AMD did. Now whatever you do, AMD Linux users have been withdrawn the right to complain... or at least complain justfully. Which makes you, if you do complain, assholes. If you have so much time to do that, go ahead and improve the open source drivers.
                      • Nvidia doesn't even support Linux, as far as I'm concerned, since binary blobs can't be even considered real support in a FOSS environment. Can you debug/improve/learn them? No. They're anti-Linux and shouldn't be really used. They wouldn't work on a Unix with some more restrictive approach to binary blobs, like OpenBSD.