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What should I do wrt nvidia optimus laptop

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    Originally posted by calim View Post
    The X server simply doesn't support this setup.
    What about support at least with X server restart? (Like in Catalyst.)


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      Originally posted by AlbertP View Post
      Getting nVidia only laptops (which I think is what you mean by "discrete nvidia" is hard nowadays. Hybrid nVidia+nVidia setups don't exist anymore in today's laptops, and nVidia only is also becoming very rare except for laptops that have Linux preinstalled.
      Yep, I mean nVidia only. Or, fusion APU (A series, without hybrid AMD+AMD). But the safest bet is to get all intel for open source + performance.
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        Originally posted by bongmaster2
        id rather stich with it and disable 1 graphic device or buy ivy bridge which will perform like a gt 435
        Agree.. But If you want to buy core i3 IVB, it's not yet available. My take is about a half year from now. Too long a wait. Except price is not important for you, then you can get IVB i7, now (but much tandem it with nVidia, unfortunately).