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New NVIDIA Naming Convention

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  • New NVIDIA Naming Convention

    NVIDIA has stated over on NvNews that the next Linux display driver will introduce a new naming convention. With the 1.0-9XXX series coming to an end we once believed that NVIDIA would continue the series with the 2.0-XXXX driver. However, NVIDIA's Andy Ritger has stated that the series will continue with 100.XX.XX. With periods being the delimiter, the 100 signifies the major release series followed by the remaining digits being used for NVIDIA tracking. This version format will apply to the release number, filenames, and libraries. After the introduction of the Linux 100.XX.XX series, this version format will be back-ported to the existing NVIDIA 1.0-9XXX and 1.0-7XXX series. Expect a new driver out soon!

    News Post:


    NVIDIA 1.0-9XXX/2.0XXX Details -
    Michael Larabel

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    Good. This should keep the driver naming scheme in sync with the Winbloze version, which can be helpful for comparison's sake.