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Intel's Unreleased 3.0 X.Org Driver Gets More Fixes For DRI3/Present

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    Originally posted by debianxfce

    You are a maestro to assume nonsense, most of my debian testing packgages are updated to unstable and experimental. Testing does not freeze, so everyhing is wrong what you write.
    You obviously never used Debian, I did for years and I know how the release process works. Packages go into unstable first, then after some days without nasty bugs being discovered they are promoted into testing. When Debian freezes in preparation for a new stable release no new packages are pushed into unstable and both unstable and testing start lagging relative to upstream. I maintained my own Debian infrastructure, inlcuding build servers and repositories for years in an attempt to mitigate this, until it became so annoying that I switched to Gentoo on the desktop and Arch on the laptop.
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      here we go:

      "Ditching xf86-video-amdgpu in favor of xf86-video-modesetting?"

      "Ditching xf86-video-ati in favor of xf86-video-modesetting?"

      "Ditching xf86-video-intel in favor of xf86-video-modesetting?"

      "Ditching xf86-video-nouveau in favor of xf86-video-modesetting?"

      Originally posted by debianxfce
      There is some graphical tool to configure video-intel. I used it succefully with intel GMA x3100 to fix some problem.
      What is it called? Maybe you can reply over there:



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        Originally posted by debianxfce
        That is illegal spam to a bug reporting system.

        Sure you can use google to find the name of the app. I am so lazy to walk to second floor, open the laptop bag, start the laptop and try to remember what I was using many months ago.
        Now I get why he wanted to ignore you...


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          Originally posted by pq1930562 View Post
          What is it called?
          Possibly driconf.


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            Originally posted by devius View Post

            Possibly driconf.
            Thanks. Not looking impressive though, see:

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              I recently switched to the modesetting driver from the Intel xorg driver on my X1 Carbon Gen3 and my new t460s and I could not be happier. Only suckers or people with insanely old hardware should bother with the Intel XOrg driver. Everybody else should switch to the modesetting one ASAP.


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                Originally posted by mannerov View Post
                As for your glamor comment, that's not very accurate: it used to be slow, but last years a lot of efforts were spent to make it fast, so it's not a worry anymore.
                I've been forced to use modesetting on SKL because xf86-video-intel doesn't work with xterm's on it (and, more importantly to me, aterm). I can tell you with certainty -- it's slow. Maybe it's not as slow as it used to be -- but that doesn't really matter to me. Compared to xf86-video-intel on the same hw, it's slow. But I need working xterms more than I need fast 2d accel.


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                  Chris Willson (maintainer of xf86-video-intel) has generally fixed bugs that I properly reported on bugzilla within hours (not even days).
                  Have you people even tried to _solve_ problems or is everybody giving up after first google search yields nothing (some even before that I'm sure)?

                  Also, fallback from buggy but fast SNA backend (where most problems are generally) should be old and stable EXA which actually outperformed modesetting by high margins last time I checked.

                  More then likely intel fellas have set out 3.0 milestone to be something nearly unachievable and cwillson can't tag it just yet.
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                    debianxfce johnp117 treba

                    Hey guys, sorry for bumping this old thread. I actually found some old notifications on my account and decided to give some news...

                    So I tried modesetting on Debian Testing (since it has xorg 1.18), and I have to say modesetting is so much better than the intel driver!
                    Thanks for your inputs ~1 month ago

                    Perfectly running on intel sandybridge!


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                      Originally posted by franglais125 View Post
                      debianxfce johnp117 treba

                      Hey guys, sorry for bumping this old thread. I actually found some old notifications on my account and decided to give some news...
                      hehe good to hear, thanks for posting
                      sorry for not answering before, i have a ivybridge mobile (thinkpad x230) running fedora 23 and am quite happy with the modesetting driver. sometimes some artifacts, but very rare.