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Intel Linux DisplayPort MST Support Gets Revised

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  • Intel Linux DisplayPort MST Support Gets Revised

    Phoronix: Intel Linux DisplayPort MST Support Gets Revised

    For those interested in DisplayPort MST support on Linux to support the specification's multi-stream transport ability, there is now a revised patch-set providing this support...

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    Acronyms I didn't know:

    HPD: Hot Plug Detection
    DPCD: Display Port Configuration Data (describes the receiver?s capabilities and stores the display?s connection status)


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      has anyone got this going yet?

      I seen that there are some MST patches in the 3.16 kernel.. Am waiting for it to compile now, for the long shot of it working!


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        I can confirm that MST works on Fedora 22 with the following hardware:

        - Dell M3800 Laptop
        - Dell U2715H (plugged into the laptop's thunderbolt/mini-displayport)
        - Dell U2415 (plugged into the MST output of the U2715H)

        I haven't tried to use the nvidia card in this laptop, but the intel graphics work great.