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Intel Sandy Bridge Linux Testing Is Coming Real Soon

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  • Intel Sandy Bridge Linux Testing Is Coming Real Soon

    Phoronix: Intel Sandy Bridge Linux Testing Is Coming Real Soon

    Following a challenging week for Intel's Sandy Bridge Linux support in other publications getting the open-source graphics drivers working, Intel came forward to supply us with a Sandy Bridge processor so we can carry out the tests using the needed Linux Kernel / Mesa / DDX / libva Git code. We don't even need to wait for Intel to send out any hardware, as it was hand-delivered today during a meeting with them...

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    Good timing, as Mesa 7.10 has been released.


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      Nice surprise from Intel! Looks to be a big chip.

      Patiently waiting for results, and wondering which model this is on the picture


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        Er... so what's it like, having this kind of corner on the market?


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          The picture of the Sandy Bridge CPU suggests you have a preproduction ES (Engineering Sample) version.

          There is a commit, which might mean that Sandy Bridge ES performance is poorer than that of the production version:
          Don't use hardware acceleration on Sandybridge rev 07 hardware or earlier.
          + /* Sandybridge rev07 locks up easily, even with the
          + * BLT ring workaround in place.
          + * Thus use shadowfb by default.
          + */

          The commit is included in the latest intel driver version 2.14.0. If you have the chance to find out whether this will impact results, I'd appreciate if you investigate.