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No Intel Poulsbo Driver For Ubuntu 9.10

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  • No Intel Poulsbo Driver For Ubuntu 9.10

    Phoronix: No Intel Poulsbo Driver For Ubuntu 9.10

    Intel's Poulsbo driver for their GMA 500 IGP on the SCH U15W is a bloody mess. Unlike their X.Org driver for their other Intel IGPs, the Poulsbo driver is closed-source (since they licensed some of the technologies for this graphics processor), but the problems go beyond just whether or not you like to use a binary blob...

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    Dell Mini 12

    I just spent half a day making my daughter's Dell Mini 12 dual boot XP and Ubuntu 9.04, and it was a nightmare. Eventually I got a good 2d stable desktop using the PPA psb repository and a few xorg.conf tweaks. The real kicker was when I upgraded the kernel to 2.6.28-15 and the driver said NO. Works fine with 2.6.28-14. With 2.6.30-4 all I got was a black screen.

    So it runs OK as long as there are no kernel upgrades. I fiddled the Grub menu.lst to make 2.6.28-14 the default.

    This little news item means the Mini 12 will be stuck at 9.04 for the rest of it's working life. Or, maybe a clever person will reverse engineer the hardware. We can only hope.

    I cannot see me ever buying another computer with this chipset unless Intel does something positive. I have a suggestion, Intel should buy the company that made the GMA500, and then open source the hardware. I am sure it would be petty cash to them.


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      what a shitty blob. good that ubuntu simply says no to this shit.

      it is intel's task to provide a proper driver, if they don't do it, it's their problem.
      simply buy no intel products as long as they mess around with their costumers...


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        Great stuff. Its looking like the ONLY good GPU is an AMD...
        Amazing how things change.


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          Originally posted by lbcoder View Post
          Great stuff. Its looking like the ONLY good GPU is an AMD...
          Amazing how things change.
          The Intel GMA 500 is a one-off thing, apparently. I hope that future versions of the Atom get rid of that shit stain of a graphics card.

          It sucks too because a lot of people are buying mini-12s and mini-10s and those use the proprietary driver.


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            Nevermind. Moorestown platform will have proprietary driver also. Damn Intel Asshats.


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              I'll never jump through as many hoops as I did trying to get this crap driver loaded on our Dell Mini 12.

              Next time I run across an issue like this, the system is going on Craigslist....just like this Mini 12 is about to.

              Sort of gives one a bad taste in their mouths for this whole netbook idea huh?
              Funny thing: I have the Dell mini 12 and an Asus 1000HE, I never have any hell with the Asus but don't they both run the same GPU or am I thoroughly confused?


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                Efforts are likely spent on the Moorestown driver. Some changes from there may be backported to the Poulsbo driver at a later point. For now, the latest "supported" Ubuntu distribution is 9.04: Kernel 2.6.28, 1.6.x. See PPA for Ubuntu Mobile.

                You have to know there are two drivers for the Poulsbo:
                - IEGD ('iegd') is the officially maintained one
                - GMA500 ('psb') is the not-officially supported one

                The former has better chances to support newer distributions in the future. Moblin2 will likely be a supported platform too, the opposite would be quite surprising. Some other things might also happen by Q4.

                BTW, there is unfortunately no other power-efficient chip with the same capabilities available from other vendors (AMD, NVIDIA).


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                  psb on 2.6.30

                  The psb kernel module works almost ok on kernel 2.6.30 with patches from this git repository:;a=summary


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                    I'll take a larger battery over proprietary drivers any day of the week.