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Intel's IWD 1.20 Released

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    Originally posted by Vlad42 View Post

    Looking at the bug report, it looks like this also includes reconnecting to a network after booting. At least with WPA_Supplicant, when I boot my laptop it automatically connects to the network.
    That's odd, on my iwd-only setup it does autoconnect on boot and on resume.

    Originally posted by Danny3 View Post

    Since this is a major bug, I'm thinking they could fix networkManager until the release, if they want to.
    Or Ubuntu developers is letting again others to do all the hard work before they switch as the do with PipeWire...
    I was thinking exactly that. Why can't NM find out it lost connection and send the reconnect command. It may even be a better approach, depending on who you ask (I wouldn't agree because I use iwd only, but who knows?).

    On a more general note, I do agree with the sentiment it's not ready for mainstream use.


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      Originally posted by markus40 View Post
      I use IWD on Arch with NetworkManager. This is in /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/wifi_backend.conf
      I have no issues with reconnecting and auto-switching from 5GHz to 2.5GHz and visa versa.
      Lucky you. Every time I try it, it does not work proplery. It also has issues with systems there you update your kernel but do not reboot. On top of that it seems impossible to create a stateless (speak only store state in /home/) system as the daemon stores passwords systemwide. Some of that might be fixable in the future and I wish this would happen as it is now, it is jsut not usable for me.


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        Is there an advantage to choosing wpa_supplicant over iwd and vice versa?