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Intel Reportedly Interested In Acquiring RISC-V Firm SiFive

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    Originally posted by PublicNuisance View Post
    This will be terrible for those that value privacy/security. The whole reason I want to go RISC-V is to get away from crap like the Intel ME. Right now SiFive is the only company making RISC-V boards that are a desktop standard (like the Unmatched being Mini ITX).
    right as i see it... there is the alliance of evil(means digital slavery for anyone): microsoft+intel+nvidia

    and there is the alliance of good: IBM+redhat(linux in generall)+AMD

    now the question is RISC-V good or bad? it is part of the alliance of good or evil?

    for me the story of Libre-SOC proof that RISC-V is part of the evil alliance. "Libre-SOC tried to do it with RISC-V and be Friendly to RISC-V but these people are just from the evil side"

    the REAL good RISC cpu is the Open-POWER ISA means IBM power9/10 Opensource ISA.-..

    so if you really want a open source system free from any evil buy a IBM Power9 system and if you do not have the money for this wait for any Open-POWER ISA based system.

    RISC-V is in fact just a distraction from the real freedom movement...

    and if intel buy RISC-V you can be 100% sure that this is from the EVIL sind and they just want to harm competition.

    imagine what would happen if all people go with open-POWER ... no they need to protect X86_64 because they make sure there is ARM and there is RISC-V and there is open-power and more to make sure X86_64 is the largest player and all other stuff have low relevance because of low marketshare.
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