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Testing The Intel "Workload Hints" Capability Of Linux 5.11

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  • Testing The Intel "Workload Hints" Capability Of Linux 5.11

    Phoronix: Testing The Intel "Workload Hints" Capability Of Linux 5.11

    There are many new features with the Linux 5.11 kernel that is presently under development but one of the ones I've been more curious about for how well it works is the Intel "workload hints" that can be passed via its thermal framework. This is about providing the system with hints of workloads being run to optimize the thermal/power properties.

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    I imagine it will be possible for tlp to utilise these so that it can further improve power savings.


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      Didn't AMD propose something similar with their CPPC driver? Why was that rejected and not this?


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        Since this feature is primarily about power savings, providing an additional geometric mean plot with performance per watt would have been very helpful in this case


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          Since installing the "5.11.0-15.1-liquorix-amd64" kernel (Debian Buster package) on an Atom X5 based hybrid/tablet PC that's notoriously bad in most departments, I've noticed a significant improvement of battery life. So much that I googled "kernel 5.11 battery life" and found this test. FWIW, I just installed the kernel packages and don't have thermald installed.