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Lenovo UEFI Only Wants To Boot Windows, RHEL

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    Wow, this sucks!

    What a major mistake to check for hardcoded strings?

    I am glad they're looking into it. This is just embarrassing.


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      Originally posted by amehaye View Post
      Make sure that you only buy hardware which is certified to run Linux: - pre-assembled hardware - individual components
      You mean the site that lists this specific piece of hardware as certified?


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        Originally posted by mjg59 View Post
        You mean the site that lists this specific piece of hardware as certified?

        Mathew, any word back from lenovo yet?
        All opinions are my own not those of my employer if you know who they are.


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          Sanity check your conspiracies please

          Originally posted by necro-lover View Post
          With UEFI-secure-boot the freedom of choice died.

          You are not a Free Human you are a slave of big company?s like Microsoft or Red-Hat!

          That is the next-generation in the Nazi-Corporatism plan.

          Only Company do have rights and with more money in the share-hold of the company the right grow up.

          Xbox and PS3 prove that the company?s can do whatever they like with the "consumer" because they don't have any rights.

          O well yes you have the right to not buy Xbox,PS3,blue-ray(),dvd(css copy-protection),UEFI-secure hardware and in the next generation CPU's with build in DRM like Intel TCPA trusted computing and so one and so one.

          In other words you do have the right to DIE!

          You do not have the right to participate in the society because all "digital-land" is "private" and you have to give up all your rights to Google,Facebook,Microsoft,Sony,Valve if you want to contact your friends on there "platform" like "steam" .

          And there "house right" gives them the power to kick you out in no time.

          Welcome to the new world of no-human-rights in the digital land of the Internet-New-World-Order

          I find it best to sanity check my forum posts. You might want to try the same so that you actually accomplish the change you seek.