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Motherboards + Beer: Virtual Event Addressing Coreboot / Open-Source Firmware Prospects

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    Originally posted by Michael View Post

    Schlenkerla is fairly easily available at specialty beer shops in the US... Though usually very costly at about $6 USD for 0,5L.

    I like it but not a favorite, I just happened to get it by chance as the beers I ordered from a store some of them were out of stock so this batch they replaced the missing ones with some Schlenkerla, but I've had it before and it's nice but Rauchbier isn't a favorite.
    Yes Schlankeria is one of the bigger breweries there.
    Just found some Study on Breweries and Beer in Bamberg of the University of Bamberg.

    On Page 3 (reader index) "Brauerein in Stadt und Landkreis Bamberg" there is a Map with a List of all Breweries.
    Might be interessting for you if you just need names for searching. I guess a lot of them are even that small that you can only buy them in Bamberg.


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      You could try home brewing.


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        phoronix , ezst036 , CochainComplex , tildearrow , Jahimself , ayumu , cmsigler , stiiixy , Guest and especially Michael :

        Dear friends, seeing a great success of this event and a huge enthusiasm of many participants (which lasted a mind-boggling ~12 hours!) -

        we are hosting a "vBeer v2" on 7 May at 3PM UTC (more information here) and will be happy to talk with you about the open/libre firmware/hardware. Bringing a real beer isn't required of course, vBeer is just a playful name to underline a democratic free-for-all format of our discussion where everyone can freely take a part. You are welcome!