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What Would You Like To See From NVIDIA & ATI/AMD In 2008 For Linux Graphics?

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  • What Would You Like To See From NVIDIA & ATI/AMD In 2008 For Linux Graphics?

    See title... what would you like to see?
    Michael Larabel

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    From Amd/Ati

    -Better compiz support
    -Stable drivers
    -More options in Amdccle
    -Hopefully a working widescreen version next month
    -Continue on their release of documentation both for old and new architectures.

    From Nvidia
    -Cheaper and good products (8800gt is way too expensive)
    -continue on their good drivers
    -release of documentation like amd(yeah right)


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      From Amd/Ati:

      - Support for XVideo with the latest video cards, too (yes, some users do still use analog tv cards and most programs do require XVideo to allow displaying the tv picture on a resolution higher than 720x480 or to work at all...).
      - More/better comunication with the driver devs (that is a more verbose changelog, comments that bugs are known and they are working on fixing them (yes, once per "huge" bug is enough), ...).
      - Continuing of opening up specs (those specs are the main reason why I did just buy a new 3850 since I am sure that there will be a good open driver soon).

      From NVidia:
      - Release of complete specifications to allow better open source drivers.
      - Faster support for new devices in the drivers, support from release day onwards would be a lot better than having to wait some months.


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        From AMD:

        - Continue like this year (improving closed source drivers + providing specs for OSS drivers).

        From NVIDIA:

        - Continue with their good closed source drivers, but release specs for having good OSS drivers too. If AMD can do it, they can do it too!


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          From AMD/ATI: ( pretty much what is said before.)
          • Release more Documentation over Current Cards. ( like full 2D/3D register information. )
          • Release Documentation on the older video cards, like the Radeon 7x00, 8x00, 9x00, and Xx00 series, and Rage, etc.
          • Release documentation on Video Capture registers.
          • Release Register details for reading the GPU Thermal Temp, and controlling the gpu fan( if a card has it.).
          • Improvements specifically for the closed source driver.
            • add support for Modelines (again)
            • Fix Multihead Opengl support.
            • Improve Documentation for Driver's Options seen in Xorg.conf.
            • Fix loads of bugs.
            • (Free/Net/Open)BSD support.
            • Reduce Kernel Module Load times. ( adds about 20 seconds to boot from what i see. )
            • Improve Fan speed control.
          • For the Open Source Driver:
            • Multihead configuration (not sure if it has this.?)
            • TV out support for Newer Cards.
            • 2d/3D acceleration.
            • XVideo support.

          From Nvidia, only 1 thing... Release Documentation Similar to AMD/ATI on video cards period, as long as it details how to properly set/use the card.

          thought of 2 or 3 more key things for AMD/ATI, not changing stance on Nvidia... lol.
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            fglrx support for wii gpu :P
            better video playback/docs
            one fglrx that resolves all previous bugs and introduces none wishful thinking


            support for RSX & nouveau with docs

            Both -

            Pimping linux game ports to more publishers
            trying to get an autocad port on linux


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              -proper IGP support (ie x1250 and xv support) OSS or closed does not matter, as long as it works.


              -regular binary blob releases much like ATI's
              -proper tv detection on G92 cards.

              For both, a simple bug / sysinfo capture util that creates a bug report and is able to submit to the xorg/ATI/Nvidia developers after capturing all pertinent logs and files . There should also be this available in the control panels of both.

              As well the option of "send video playback to display # X" like the windows drivers have on Nvidia's cards pre 8000 series.

              Full HD acceleration of non-DRM content.

              The ability to use the GPU for other content other then video display (ie media encoding acceleration)

              Also the ability to have hardware 3d acceleration in VM's like Parallels can in OS X.

              Although not limited to video alone I would also like to see apps like Nvidia's nTune and AMD's Overdrive for linux.


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                Cooperate with linux vendors would be fine in order to make the closed-source drivers available through updates.
                I don't know wich fglrx version ubuntu will ship for their next release, but as it will be a what they call LTS, peoples could be stuck with a half satisfying for a long time. And this is not cool. (I Don't talk for me I use only the open source solution)

                Help peoples to fix the bugs in the radeon driver. (This is for my personal interest)
                AMD keep pushing the open source solution, as it was for years the only reliable solution.


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                  -Make Xv work properly with fglrx.
                  -Improve 2d (Xrender) performance with fglrx.
                  -Improve AIGLX performance for fglrx.
                  -Make hardware accelerated video decoding working with fglrx (perhaps using vaapi)

                  -Continue to assist open-source driver development, hopefully with full 3d specs.


                  -Improve hardware accelerated video decoding in proprietary driver (maybe using vaapi so that h264 and VC-1 decodes can be accelerated).

                  -Cooperate with open-source developers. Even specs released to nouveau developers under NDA would be better than nothing.

                  -Un-cripple NV driver (it's Xrender performance is hugely below both nouveau and the proprietary driver.) Better yet, give support to the 2d part of nouveau so their driver can be stable as well as fast.


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                    ATI: Complete the docs for all chips currently
                    being sold (which includes some fairly old ones).
                    [ And thank you for the docs you have released so far! ]
                    Work on reducing power consumption.

                    Nvidia: (1) Document your chipsets. (2) document your
                    GPUs. (3) Work on reducing power consumption.

                    Phoronix: Learn that there are other operating systems
                    besides linux. The BSDs, OS-X, OpenSolaris, Plan-9, etc.