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  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 520

    Phoronix: NVIDIA GeForce GT 520

    Up for review today is a low-end NVIDIA Fermi graphics card, the GeForce GT 520. The low-end graphics processor it uses, the GF119, was released back in April. The graphics card only has 48 Stream processors and uses DDR3 memory with a 64-bit bus, except the cost on this creation is just around $60 USD.

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    Seems as if AMD graphic cards are more efficient per Watt then their nVidia counterparts. I guess people considering low power usage should use ati cards?


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      This GPU is a joke.


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        Thanks for the review. As some people in this forum are pondering whether to pair their SandyBridge setup with such a low-end graphics card, could you include in future tests a comparison against SandyBridge?


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          why not 3/10? It is a low performance card, actively cooled and bested by cards for half the price. 7 - I could understand if it would be passively cooled and very low power - but if you want low power - the 5450 is the way to go.

          Looks like another card that has no place to go. Too powerhungry, not enough performance and a way to high price tag. If your card is beatend by two year old offerings for half the price you seriously have a problem.


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            This card has a passively cooled variant from Asus (see Asus ENGT520 SILENT). I have it in my HTPC with the cheapest dual-core Celeron I could find in my area, and using VDPAU the combination can play anything I throw at it, including 1080p with various encodings or HD flash content. The nice thing is that the VGA is passively cooled, the CPU is passively cooled, the HDDs and the PSU are low-noise so the computer is virtually silent. And the whole thing was way cheaper than any Sandy Bridge configuration would have been.

            My point is that this card might be slow in benchmaks and in games, but the same graphics chip still has its uses.


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              The 520 might be a bit (lot ) slow but I bet it runs with less tearing than this 5870 I'm using.


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                turn on tearfree, problem solved.


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                  Originally posted by energyman View Post
                  turn on tearfree, problem solved.
                  Tearfree has its own issues.

                  I just live with the tearing at the moment.

                  It's not like I can go with an nVidia solution for triple monitor so with Linux I have the best solution even though it's not perfect.


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                    It uses more power than than the 6570 while delivering 1/2-1/3 the performance and being hot. Mmhm.