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A software for Energizer CHUSB charger

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    Trojan Free Setup for download

    I have ripped the Trojan out of the original setup found via the Way-Back machine.

    Get the version with ripped off trojan at tiny(dot)cc//usbcharger

    I know there are false positives from some Antivirus-Software on this File.
    Only thing I can do is to assure I have ripped the trojan of.
    Don't blame me for the false positives.

    to keep it simple here is the INFO-File of the Link:
    Energizer Duo USB-Charger
    Trojan-free Driver and GUI
    The original Energiser-USB Driver contains a Trojan an therefore was removed from the Energizer Website.
    This is a rebuild Setup of the original Driver leavong the Trojan component out.
    THis Setup is NOT nessessary to use the Charger, it's only a GUI showing expected Time for charging.
    YOu may use this Software at own risk.
    About this Software:
    I unpacked the Setup.exe 
    - removed the offending trojan .dll file
    - edited two binaries to surpress the trojan windows\run Registry-entry on execution
    - altered the setup script to surpress the trojan windows\run Registry entry
    Finally compiled the Setup again.
    Informations about the Problem may be found here:
    Informations about the Trojan from CERT:
    Information from Symantec:
    A Project trying to rebuild the functions of the Driver may be found here:
    There too are informations how to get the original Software (It DOES contain the Trojan, you habe been warned)
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      interesting, when did you generate your setup package?

      virustotal claims to have seen that file hash already 5 months ago...

      (I guess I'm also too stupid to unpack your setup .exe, created with CES(?), while the original seemed to be built with innosetup and unpacks fine with 7-zip )


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        sorry I have not got a reply notice from this topic therefore I'm very late in answering the Question.
        The Setup is recompiled with innosetup too. The CES is just a visible marker for me to divide it from work of other people.

        About time... I postet just some time after the work was done and testet. But the Post was confirmed by an moderator much later. this is why tis post ist much later than the file.