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Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT Announced With Greater Power Capability For $20

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    Some well know chineses manufacturers do have POE+ Hat in they catalog for many months with top quality, up-to-date and a wiki with technical specs and a little cheapier.
    This HAT from RPF is a joke, they didn't even follow their own recomandation; where is the cutout for picam ???


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      I don't want to jump on the rage wagon, because I love my Raspberry Pis, and I'm not qualified to understand why they are the way they are, but...

      It feels like the 'custom chip based on VideoCore' has always put the thing a few years behind what it's capable of (due to software) and makes the whole thing weird. At this point, with these levels of sales, wouldn't a more generic CPU/GPU combo with EDK2 firmware be wise?

      Instead of making compromises to hit the $35 price point, couldn't they build a more generic PCIe/USB-based board and stratify the price based on a 'basic' vs. 'premium' SoC and memory options (e.g., let the premium sales subsidize the basic tier)?

      I just hope the next Pi boots generic ARM64 distros and has a GPU that can do Vulkan well enough that all the Zink features work.


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        Whatever happened to the open source mantra of "release early, release often?"

        If RPF waited around until all the software was fully implemented, we wouldn't even have the RPi4 in our hands yet. That's ridiculous. RPF gets the hardware out the door, then it's up to us in the open source community to help flesh out the software, and I'm perfectly happy with that.

        I've been running 64-bit Gentoo on my RPi4 for about a year now. My RPi4 is a 4GB model with the USB C power bug (honestly, the bug does not affect me one bit). It's been great! Best computer I've had yet, so cheap, and yet more reliable than my old overheat-prone Intel laptop.
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