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HP Making Major Changes To WebOS, Selling PC Business

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    Not here to tell anyone what to do with their devices. I have nothing against people experimenting, installing whatever they want to use but it's a bit silly for me knowing webOS is what's really cool about this device (that's what it stands out for, not for it's specs) and there's also a great homebrew community behind it (webOS internals). I recommend you at least give webOS (with open-source homebrew mix) a try. And if you want to hack on it, maybe you'd find something to hack on webOS... If you didn't know, webOS on Palm/HP devices might be even more of an open platform than Android is on some manufacturers' devices - it's really easy to do whatever you want with it without breaching any law and/or bricking your device. Just look at webOS internals! Even HP/Palm is supportive of it (homebrew community hacking on their devices).

    Oh, and HP doesn't seem to be "dropping WebOS support". Instead, they're just stopping the development of new devices so we should expect to see bug fixes at least (and webOS internals have patched it already as I hear). But everything about the future of webOS should be a bit clearer in about two weeks or so... I hope. There are rumors HTC or Samsung might take on building the actual devices in future...

    Just wish I could get one but I'm far away from USA...