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    So, apparently somebody went and made an open source client for RO. It can run and connect to servers, although there are still many features that haven't been introduced yet, it appears to be playable.

    Unfortunately they wrote it for for the MSVC compiler and don't have any linux programmers in order to make it compile correctly under Linux, although it is written to be cross platform.

    A pity, I quite like RO.

    Any other Phoronix users out there play RO?

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    Umm quite great.

    A Linux dedicated Ragnarok server called Tuxro Is about to open, maybe I should tell them about this.

    That server will only have .deb and .rpm clients, so no other Os but Linux will be able to join it.

    The server's website is, If anyone else likes the idea.

    Thanks for the info OP.