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A Prey Update For Linux, But Still No UT3

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  • A Prey Update For Linux, But Still No UT3

    Phoronix: A Prey Update For Linux, But Still No UT3

    It's not too frequently that Ryan Gordon updates his blog (finger), but when he does it's usually to announce a new Linux game port or an update to one of the titles he has ported. In this morning's update by Ryan Gordon, he mentions that an update is now available for Prey. Prey is a game that was released a while ago for the Windows platform, but it wasn't until last December that the Linux client was finally released after a demo client had been around for a while...

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    Meh, forget UT3 completely. It is not coming at all.


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      The game is dead on PC, why would they bother porting it on Linux ?


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        I also absolutely don't care about UT3.
        It's not worth the wait.


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          Originally posted by srouquette View Post
          The game is dead on PC, why would they bother porting it on Linux ?
          It is already ported. And you know having us Linux geeks onboard increases the chance of the game being promoted on a lan party and played regardless of OS. They have absolutely nothing to lose on releasing it.


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            "and acts like these pulled by Epic Games will not get this platform anywhere."

            ..and if that's how things happen, it will be Apple that crushes Windows, and when they employ mandatory code signing and an app store in OS X, with similar properties to that on the iPhone, game publishers will realize that Apple wouldn't have them by the balls if they had just played their cards a little better during this decade.


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              I still don't see any multiplayer servers... I think it might be because no one plays this game rather than a problem with the linux client though.


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                I predict that UT3 will run well in Wine before a native port is available.

                Wasn't that the case with Prey? Meh.


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                  UT3 is so passe. I am not sure if anyone is interested anymore. The engine may be of some academic value. But Prey is even more passe. Better off with an even older Doom3. May be the game is interesting, but its 2009! Why do they make a wasted effort. Geez. If any old game is worth porting for some attention, that would be *Crysis*, but wait - dx10, and I am not sure of its worth in > 2009 except for benchmarks .

                  All this is not news. To Phoronix, please remember this before writing, *it is 2009* . [sarcasm]

                  In any case, a salute to the efforts of Ryan *Icculus* Gordon and co .

                  Meanwhile, as sen on /., any coverage for Quake Live and Linux?


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                    UT2003 was also a "fast forgotten" game. They issued a year later the UT2K4 which is always largely played over the internet.
                    Perhaps is Epic preparing a UT4, correcting what is wrong in UT3 (I don't know what is wrong, I never played it as I don't have windows on my box) and they'll issue some UT4 soon, with a linux client on the retail DVD ???

                    One can always dream...