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openSUSE Leap 15.5 Beta Released For Testing

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    Originally posted by Puls View Post

    If actually started using Tumbleweed just a week ago on my 7600x and Radeon 6700XT system.

    This is my first Suse experience since early 2000. I had been using Kubuntu the last 10 years but was getting tired of the updates and the need for ppas for up-to date Mesa, kernel and KDE.

    It hasnt been long so but so far I'm impressed with the distribution and it might stick to it.
    OpenSUSE is IMHO only distro suitable for dumb-user jumping now and then over from Windows or some other OS (BSD in my case). Can't beat Yast's convenience. Plus it's UI style choices and color-schemes create coherent impression which is fuckin rare among Linux distros. Most are mess in that regard.