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It's Easy To Guess What Angers GNOME Users

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    2011-10-10 05:26 pm UTC (link)
    Is there any plans of using akonadi as a backend anytime soon? it would concentrate efforts with kde, and provide a lot of syncing features for free, along with a lot of other advantages.

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    Re: Akonadi?
    2011-10-10 05:31 pm UTC (link)
    In other words scrap Evolution-Data-Server and start over? Nope, no plans for that.

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      Originally posted by scuba View Post
      You should never do as Microsoft and expect the users to be idiots, the worst thought process ever.
      Actually telling people that they treat other people like idiots is an insult in itself, especially when they don't treat people that way. Just so you know.


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        Originally posted by Welsh Dwarf View Post
        Disclaimer: Happy gnome user here, was a happy KDE user until 1 month ago, then wanted a change

        What's to bet that the same people moaning about Gnome 3 and pointing out how great KDE is are the same people who hated on KDE4 when it game out and pointed out how great gnome was.


        Haters gotta hate.

        Seems to be more like people hating on Gnome 3 and saying how great Gnome 2 is and threatening that if they don't get what they want they'll switch to KDE4...

        Coincidentally.. Same thing happened with KDE4 where people were hating on KDE4 saying how great KDE3 was and threatening that if they don't get what they'll want they'll switch to Gnome...

        If you're going to be innovative, then no doubt you're going to get some users' panties in a bunch along the way.. Windows had Vista before they had 7.

        Not much to see here, IMO.. Instead of having "comments" I think people should be submitting user-case scenarios and giving better feedback about what needs to be changed/fixed instead of whining about how much it sucks.
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          Originally posted by Welsh Dwarf View Post
          Haters gotta hate.

          I think the funniest part of all this is despite the constant assertions that GNOME 3 is 'designed for dumbasses', that only an unblinking idiot can like it, and that the true intelligensia all love GNOME 2, there has not yet been a single serious fork of GNOME 2 to continue its development. Even reversing the button order triggered GoneME, yet the true heroes of harassing and abusing developers haven't managed to do even that much this time around. Which is a surprise, given how immensely smart these people are, and how many millions of them I'm constantly told there are.

          Oh well.


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            I find rather sad to read this on the front page. You can't make a decent article by selecting some troll comments that have not one single valid argument. Posting in your article that someone said: "GNOME3 SUCKS, KILL IT!" as an opinion worth reading is even more sad than beeing responsible for the comment itself.

            Sure Gnome 3 is not perfect, it still has to mature. Same goes for KDE: I've been a KDE user for a long time, and suffered the KDE 3.x change to KDE 4.x, and I'm happy that both projects have chosen to continue evolving. That beeing said, I still think GNOME 2.x to GNOME 3.x transition has been much much smoother, and personally, I like more the direction that GNOME has chosen.

            I find it very brave that desktops are doubting even the oldest paradigms in computer usage, and putting in some new ideas. Meanwhile, no one is forcing you to use a less-mature desktop; you can always stick with GNOME 2.x or KDE 3.x if you want to wait until the newer desktops are mature enough.


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              Originally posted by ungoliant View Post
              You can't make a decent article by selecting some troll comments that have not one single valid argument.
              Doesn't have to be decent as long as pages of comments keep pouring in.


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                I expected beautifully crafted insults that even God Himself (TM) couldn't think up.

                In all seriousness; Gnome fscked up even harder, again. Labeling everything of as hate is a little stupid, given that it's build up hatret since the beginning of Gnome.

                Do the poll again in half a year.


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                  Oh phoronix... First of all none of the text boxes in that survey asked what you liked about gnome 3, only what you disliked. And then you go through and cherry pick the most trollish, least contructive comments and post them in an article?

                  Blatantly pandering to the "zomg I HATE GNOME-SHELL IT KILLED MY DOG" crowd.

                  I think gnome-shell is great. Its still lacking options, but thats been improving every release, and many of the complains can easily already be fixed with gnome-tweak-tool and gnome-shell extensions.
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                    I think most of the hate that the GNOME-Shell just hate it because they just feel the need to hate on new things. True there is a big lack of customization in GNOME-Shell but it think maybe, just maybe, GNOME-Shell just isn't KDE and since you cannot judge it for not being like KDE. Things that people could complain could be the existence of bugs, which at least using Fedora, are waaaay less than KDE.

                    Now stuff that I mentioned that I would like to be seen corrected in GNOME-Shell...

                    1- Some menus get behind the gnome-panel (not all of them, for instance LibreOffice isn't affected by this but Firefox is);
                    2- When I click in Activities the cpu usage gets super high, also when pressing in the applications button to browse the list tends to be slow to enter the first time (if I don't go to activities again in a quite long period of time this happens again);
                    3- My cpu usage is constantly high (this did not happened when using GNOME 2.x);
                    4- When connecting to my Gmail account with Evolution it keeps telling me that it couldn't ping the IMAP server after a while;
                    5- Proxy settings in the System Settings control panel lacks the option to add a user name and password for a determined proxy (if there is a way of doing this for all system wide I seriously couldn't find it, at least I think this would be the most obvious way);
                    6- When using the little bubbles to chat with Empathy, sometimes the whole system freezes for a while (it eventually unfreezes but still it hangs for at least 2 minutes which is a bummer).

                    Also this isn't much of a bug but the current default theme for GNOME 3 is IMO just horrible and a little of rework on it would be nice but anyway this isn't something that really bothers me much since I care more of efficiency rather than looks (and no I haven't found a single theme for GNOME-Shell that I would call it nice or any good :P).


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                      Treating users like idiots?

                      Treating users like idiots is the natural result of treating (self-absorbed) idiots like software designers.